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Red Bull and Culture

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Culture, fun and party are another big part of the Red Bull philosophy.


The first things is the Red Bull-Flugtage. In this competition you have to create your own more or less flying object and. Not only how far you fly is taken into account to determine the winner but also the creativity of the objects.Comparable activities and events are soap box or paper plane building competitions. Also other kind of culture, mainly youth-culture is supported. An example would be the art of can contest where you have to design a piece of art from a Red Bull can.Different music activities where young musicians are enhanced are supported as well as dancing. 

Red Bull has so called student brand managers who organize parties in universities, on the campus or at any other location near it and give out Red Bull for free.

But sometimes it is too much. Indeed, for example they put a cold can of red Bull on every desk during the examination week in the main university of Vienna. With the Hangar 7 owned by Red Bull in Salzburg. This building is the place where Red Bull makes its presentations of different kinds, e.g. the presentation of the new Formula 1 car. Actually the Hangar 7 is a mixture of a plane museum, a cocktail-bar and a first class restaurant. Every month they book a new star chef to cook in their kitchen.


Report survey

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Executive summary

 I have been contacted by Red Bull to carry out a survey among  French people to measures their brand awareness of Red Bull in France, and dicover if they are ready to buy Redbull if Redbull is no longer banned. 

Introduction :

 This report will look at :

  • If the French know RedBull and how 
  • If they have already drunk it and where.
  • If people are ready to buy Redbull and how much would they spend on it
  • And how do people perceive RedBull more than a drink ?

Findings :

  1. The population who answered the survey is very young , that is to say 23.76 years old on average. Based  on a sample of 48 people
  2. 91.3% of them know Redbull among whom  78.1% who have already drunk it.
  3. We know that Redbull is banned in France, so we have to buy and consume RedBull abroad. The consumers of this survey have drunk it mainly in European countries such as UK, Spain and Germany.
  4. More than 2/3 of  the interviewees think that RedBull’s ban in France is justified, 17.5% don’t know anything about this ban and only 13% think that the Ban is justified. Remember that the ban is due to the presence of « taurine » in the drink which is not allowed in France.
  5. Concerning the purchase of Redbull in France, if the company changes the composition of the drink, most of them will buy it (45%) between 1 or 3 €uro for a 33cl can., 45%  are not sure and only 10% won’t .
  6. The favourite size is the 33cl can after  the 50cl glass bottle and finally the  plastic one. Big cans are not a success, it means more than 50 cl.
  7. The first use is to energize which corresponds to the intended use, then  its aim is to mix with alcohol and finally to refresh.
  8. Concerning Redbull and extra activities : People know what Redbull does apart from the drink. Indeed following this table :

  They know They don’t know
It is a formula one team X  
It is a football team   X
It is not a Rugby team X  
It is an art sponsor   X
It is an extrem sport sponsor X  
It is not a shipping sponsor X  
It is not an airline company X  

Conclusion :  

The company can launch Redbull in France if they change the composition of their drink. Indeed, people are aware of this drink, are against the ban and are ready to buy it in the classic size. So the company doesn’t need to adapt the packaging

What impact ?

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According to Forbes ( the famous business magazine), Mateschitz [(RedBull’s C.E.O), (see picture below)] is very clever. Indeed, all of those activities and sponsors permit to earn a lot of money.

Example : “the purchase of a Formula One racing team, an extravagance that will absorb $100 million a year to keep on the track while generating only $70 million in revenue.” Forbes 28th March 2005 Aim of all these activities is to expand the RedBull’s presence on its market. Red Bull had and has to fight against the deluge of new energy drinks, it means competitors and bigs as Pepsi and Coke.

Figures of Redbull are so spectacular ; in some countries Red Bull has 80% of market shares. In the United States,  birthplace of Coke and Pepsi, RB has 47% of market shares and its sales are growing up annually for 40%. Almost 1 billion dollar are sold in the U.S.


Competitors !!!!!

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As we can think, RedBull has many competitors. Competitors for the core concept it means Energy Drinks such as : Burn, Guru, Dark Dog, Rock star, Rip it and so on. There are more than 100 brands of energy drinks.

But there are competitors which “copy” the second concept of Red Bull it means Sponsoring and Events. Indeed Dark Dog organize motor racing events, sponsors bikers and etc…and it is also an Autria company. Some pictures to show you how they copy.


min_image.jpg min_imagecay1uikc.jpg

min_imagecaci6phm.jpg sans-titre1.jpg

Red Bull and Sponsoring

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Where Red Bull is strong, is its involvment on the sport culture. As I said before, Red Bull own two Formula 1 car teams, two Nascar teams, two football clubs and one hockey team.  This company is very involved in the sponsoring of base jump, climbing, moutain biking, paraglider. There is also Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull Xfighters where rider of motocross freestyle jumped in arena and so on…But why ?


Red Bull has made the most with the debate about the ban of the product in some countries and its illegal characteristic which conduct to a traffic. Red Bull had known seduce a public which seek psychological and physiological effect to be confront to urban challenges. Even if Red Bull is confronted in the copy of its product with burn of Coca-Cola, DarkDog, Reload. By sponsorising actively important orignal extrem sport event, Red Bull can growth all the time.

So to conclude,  the definition of the sponsoring correspond to the Red Bull’s sponsoring it means touch its specific audience.

What is sponsoring ?

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Talk about sponsoring. Sponsoring ( or sponsorship) is one of the six tool of marketing communication mix. Sponsoring is an investment in cash or other in an activity, event or object in order to a return for an access to exploit the commercial potential of the investment.

Advantages of sponsoring :

  • We can touch our specific audience
  • Integrate other elements of the marketing communication mix
  • Improve or maintain relations with key audience

Disadvantages :

  • Can be potentially damaging external / have adverse publicity
  • Possibility to alienate opposed fans
  • Incidence of distractions

Types of sponsorship :

  • Broadcast : Tv programs
  • Event or Activity spnsorship : Sport or the Arts
  • Cause-Related sponsorship : Tesco in England which gave computers for schools.


History of RedBull

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As you know, RedBull is an energy drink. The company is implanted in a little village in Austria. The turnover of the company is 1.6 billion €uro. Redbull is more than a drink, RedBull is : Two Formula one car team (Torro Rosso & RedBull racing), One Nascar team, Two football club (In NYC & in Salzburg) and one Hockey team in Salzburg.

A little bit of History :

During travels of Dietrich Mateschitz in Asia, he had discovered a surprising drink consumed by business men. This type of drink was used mainly in Thailand. So he decided to import this energy drink in Austria.

In 1984, Mateschitz created RedBull. The drink is produced by a pharmaceutical group. The product was launched in Austria in 1987.

Now Red Bull is known all over the world but forbidden in some countries such as France. The product is forbidden because it contained “taurine”

Now, the company sponsors a lot of extrem event sports like base jumps, grimpe, VTT, Free Ride, Kite Surf etc…

Welcome message !!!

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Hello everybody ! My name is Roman, student in the Le Havre Business School.

Nowadays, marketing is very important in companies. We know that without marketing, it is very difficult to survive in a market. Indeed, the goal of marketing is to increase sales. Marketing is a very huge subject, it can be communication, pricing, sale persons and so on.

In my blog I will show you 1 of 6 tools of the marketing communication mix of a company. This tool is the sponsoring.

But which company ? To start little poetic form :

My first is a colour,

My second is an animal

I’m an energy drink…..

Do you find it ?

Have a good trip in my blog, see ya